Best Coil Framing Nailer – How We Choose Ours In 2018

A hammer works well for a few nails and small projects. But once you get into a big project, you should consider buying a framing nail gun. Unlike hammers, nail guns come in a wide variety, which are designed to perform specific tasks.

A framing nailer is a pneumatic nailing gun that uses nails mounted or assembled on a straight or plastic backing. Unlike a coil framing nailer, which uses nails that are housed in a rolled backing, stick nails are flat cartridges that can be loaded quickly.

Which one did I choose?

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Choosing a coil framing nailer

Buyers should match the ideal tool with specific project requirements. Some of the key factors include:

Pneumatic or a cordless coil framing nailer

Most framing nail guns are available as pneumatic models. These units draw power from an air compressor. Users can also opt for fuel-powered or battery-powered nailers. Battery operated units are well suited to occasional use roles.

Compare stick and coil framing nailers

Coil cartridges hold more nails, but the stick models are easy to carry around in a tool belt and they load faster. In addition, the slim design of a nail gun allows easier access in tight spaces.

Stick nailers are designed to accept either inclined or straight nail cartridges. One angle of each nail is positioned higher than the other, which gives it an angled appearance while the nails in the straight cartridges are aligned side by side.

A cut-head nail cartridge consists of nails mounted on the rod and the wire is welded to the side. The cut head allows the nail to be driven cleanly without obstruction. Sometimes the design prevents the use of clipped nails for technical reasons.

Full head round nails are mounted on a plastic support and may be spaced to allow the head to pass freely when driven. Fewer nails fit on a complete round head cartridge, so you will need to recharge more frequently.

All stick framing nailers are equipped with a double action trigger. The majority can be changed to a trip-based or trip-sequential configuration. The trip-based variant only requires depressing both the trigger and nose for a nail to fire. The trip-sequential requires the nose to be depressed before the trigger is pulled to drive a nail, making it the safest option.

Inspect air compressor

When considering a pneumatic framing nailer, it is recommended that you pick the best compressor based on air pressure and air volume requirements. They are typically rated in cubic feet per minute (CMF) and pounds per square inch (PSI). Insufficient air pressure or air volume hinders proper operation of the framing nailer.

Clipped-head nails

Be wary of nailers that are designed to accommodate only clipped-head nails. A number of building codes require the use of round-head nails when handling renovations. Workmen generally prefer clipped-head nails in their framing nailers to store an increased number of nails than the round-head variants.

Advanced features

Manufacturer offer additional features that are designed to make coil framing nailers more convenient for users. Some of these features include nail-size adjustment and jam clearing capabilities. Meanwhile, units with adjustable depth enable workmen to control how deep nails are fired. Swiveling air connectors and protective guards are also useful.

These wide range factors are what to look for when choosing a best coil framing nailer.

The selection process

Look at the nail guns that fit your needs. The most common type of nailer is a pneumatic nail gun, which requires an air compressor to operate. If you work on the roof, you need to buy a roofing nailer. For cabinets, trim or furniture, a finishing nailer works best. You can also purchase a framing nailer for projects with larger materials.

It is important to read reviews on specific products. A good review offers information on the price, the manufacturer, the speed at which the nails are fired and additional features. You can find various reviews for nail gun online. You can also ask local contractors for their opinion on nail guns.

Alternatively, you can take a trip to your local store. Most major hardware outlets and online stores carry coil framing nailers. Read the product descriptions in store and compare the price. You must also consider the size and type of nails used by nail guns.

Choose your basic type of nailer. The two main types of nail guns are stick and coil nail guns. For a nail stick gun, the nails are held together by a wire or plastic to form a line and they contain an average of 20 to 40 nails per stick. A coil nailer stores up to 300 nails in a round magazine.

Nails for the tools should be in the same section and you want enough to complete the project. Another thing you may need to buy is an air compressor. Some air compressors come with a basic gun and you need an air compressor equal to or greater than the manufacturer’s recommendation.

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